With a registered capital of one hundred million RMB, Shenzhen Qianhai Frutrust Capital Management Co, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Frutrust Capital” or “the company”) is a dedicated professional organization for capital management. As one of the first private equity fund managers registered and inspected by the Asset Management Association of China, the company focuses its main business on equity investment, asset management, investment banking, private equity fund management, financial product trading, and other financial fields. Frutrust Capital is a first-class domestic capital management organization featuring sound qualifications, comprehensive business scope, great strength, and high level of professionalism. Supported by a core business team of multiple experts in academia from domestic and foreign top-ranking financial universities, and senior professionals with backgrounds in famous banks, securities companies, trust companies and PE, the company is committed to becoming the most competitive and comprehensive capital management organization in China’s financial capital market.

     After a long period of sustainable development, Frutrust Capital has developed excellent business capabilities and good industry reputation; and has secured collaboration on capital operation with financial institutions, listed companies, and social groups in multiple levels successively. Through the business cooperation with other entities, Frutrust Capital has won the favor and trust from its partners, and received widespread acclaim in the industry, making it gradually ranked among A-list comprehensive asset management organizations in the financial capital market of China.

Frutrust Vision 

     Operating on the basis of “Maturity, Professionalism, Innovation, and Integrity”, we are dedicated to build the company into a financial integrity that combines investment banking business and asset management business with a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Moving forward with self-value discovery and enhancement, we are committed to becoming the most valuable, most authoritative, and most respected comprehensive capital management organization in China’s financial market.

Frutrust Mission

For clients: offering diversified financial cooperation opportunities, and sharing the benefits.

For employees: providing high-quality, sustainable development platform.

For shareholders: ensuring ideal returns.

For our country: contributing to the thriving of financial industry. 

Frutrust Core Values 

Morality, integrity, standardization, innovation, responsibility, honor

Core Team
Fei Chen
Managing Director
Responsibility:asset management
   Mr. Chen, an asset management expert with fifteen years of working experience in capital market investment, worked for a large domestic securities company and a private equity company successively as the director. He has managed over ten billion RMB of funds accumulatively. Moreover, Mr. Chen has extensive experience in domestic and foreign capital markets; original views of stock, futures, hedge arbitrage, quantitative trading and other fields; and profound understanding of capital market regulations and product structure optimization. Moreover, he follows rigorous, systematic standards for risk control and prevention.
Dongzhi Jiang
Managing Director
Responsibility:investment banking.
   Mr. Jiang has nearly twenty years of experience in investment banking business in large domestic securities companies where he played a leading role in IPO, mergers & acquisitions, private placement, corporate bonds and other influential investment projects. Mr. Jiang shows deep understanding of enterprise capital operation and he is a specialist in resource consolidation & optimization and value discovery & enhancement; and designing transaction structures and paths. In particular, Mr. Jiang has abundant experience in areas such as industry integration of listed companies, market value management, private placement, mergers & acquisitions; and he understands the regulatory policies and examination preferences in China’s capital market very well.
Meng Zhang
Responsibility:financial management.
   Financial management expert. With more than twenty years’ financial management experience, Mr. Zhang served as the deputy general manager and partner of large accounting firms, and as independent director of multiple listed companies. He is good at creating a financial management system that meets both the requirements for public listing and management needs of the company itself. With good understanding of the capital market, Mr. Zhang he has assisted multiple companies in public listing, and worked as an external consultant for several financial institutions and local governments.
Bo Wu
Risk control officer
Responsibility:corporate risk control and legal affairs
   Expert in risk management and financial law. As a professional engaging in capital market legal services for over ten years, Mr. Wu is a partner of a well-known law firm in China, and has been successively involved in legal services related to the establishment and investment of multiple famous domestic private equity funds. Mr. Wu has rich experience in legal services for IPO, private placement, merger & reorganization, new three-board listing and inter-bank market financing. Proficient in the laws, regulations and supervision requirements of capital market, Mr. Wu is well acknowledged for his risk control experiences as well as actual risk adjustment, control, and prevention abilities in corporate operation.
Junyi Zhang
General Manager of investment banking department
Responsibility:investment banking.
   As an investment banking expert, Mr. Zhang has been engaged in the investment banking business in large domestic securities companies for nearly ten years; and has participated in and led influential investment banking projects about IPO, mergers & acquisitions, private placement, corporate bonds and other areas for multiple domestic enterprises. He possesses top-level career background and professional skills in finance, legal affairs and accounting as well as a wealth of project co-ordination, implementation and management experiences.
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