1.Experienced core team:
        The all-round core team of Frutrust Capital consists of professionals who have profound theoretical knowledge and abundant hands-on experiences all graduated from economic/financial majors at top-notch domestic and oversea universities. Their career backgrounds cover a wide range of financial activities, such as capital management, investment banking, and derivatives trading. During its long-term development, Frutrust Capital has followed the operation principle of “standardization, win-win result, integrity and dedication”, and has achieved multi-leveled cooperation on capital projects with many government agencies, financial institutions, companies and social groups. The company’s efforts to optimize resource allocation and balance the interests of all parties concerned have earned its recognition and trust from many partners.
2.Rigorous risk control system:
        Frutrust Capital has established a reliable and rigorous risk control system that effectively controls risks and features sustained and stable operation. While maintaining the long-term and deep cooperation with large domestic financial institutions, the company has developed a set of rigorous, independent, and objective risk control standards and has built a mature and advanced risk control system. All of them ensure effective execution of transactions, pre-warning of risks, and safety of assets.
3.Extensive social resources:

        After a long period of accumulation and uninterrupted development, Frutrust Capital has gradually developed a large number of partners; and established friendly cooperation and trust with domestic and foreign banks, listed companies, securities companies, publicly offered funds, private placement agencies, trust companies, insurance companies, futures companies, law firms, accounting firms, rating agencies and other professional organizations. The company delivers a safe, efficient, and sustainable cooperation experience by fully sharing and optimizing the value of resources.

        In the meantime, Frutrust Capital has been practicing good commercial ethics and professional integrity and strictly adhering to its risk control system. As a result, the company has established a solid professional image among banks, securities companies, future companies, insurance regulators, and the stock and futures exchanges; and has maintained smooth communication with government supervision bodies.
4.Strong capital strength:

        As of now, Frutrust Capital directly manages nearly ten billion value of assets and around two billion disposable funds. Moreover, the company enjoys good cooperative relationships and priority mechanisms with many financial institutions, which fully guarantees capital requirements for project operation.

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