U.S. Moves to Finalize Tariffs, Investment Restrictions on China
Update Date:2018-05-31

     WASHINGTON—The U.S. is planning to announce in the coming weeks a list of Chinese imports that will be subject to 25% tariffs, as well as new China investment restrictions and controls, the White House said Tuesday.
     The planned trade and investment barriers are part of a wide-ranging investigation into Chinese violations of U.S. intellectual property.
     Senior American and Chinese officials have traveled back and forth to see whether the countries can strike a deal to prevent the tariffs and other restrictions. So far no comprehensive deal has been struck, although President Donald Trump’s administration has discussed elements of an agreement, and both sides have eased tensions in recent weeks.
     Barring a deal to avoid tariffs and other restrictions, the White House said it would finalize the measures in June and impose them shortly thereafter.
     First, the U.S. by June 15 will release a final list of $50 billion in exports from China that will be subject to the tariffs, the White House said. Then, by June 30 the U.S. will issue its proposed restrictions on investment related to Chinese entities and companies seeking to acquire American technology.
     The U.S. will also continue a case at the World Trade Organization against China’s licensing requirements for businesses.
     Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is expected to visit Beijing on June 2-3 for talks on the trade and technology tensions.

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